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Project: Cabrils Hillside Home, Private Residence, Spain
Client: Private
Year: 2022


Set in the Mediterranean hillside just north of Barcelona, the private family home in Cabrils exudes an honesty in its design language. We have worked to remove clutter and excess elements within its structure to give it a light and airy expression, blurring the lines between inside and outdoors, while creating a natural and comfortable flow through the space.



Меню Start Portfolio About Team Contact Area: 2400 sq mYear: 2021Location: Oslo, NorwayProject home: SVINGEN*The project was created in cooperation with The garden design is based on a geometric layout that refers to the modern architecture of the building. The entrance to the property is made of poured concrete, with stairs leading to the house. Along the pedestrian walkway …

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Меню Start Portfolio About Team Contact Area: 2400 m2Year: 2020 Location: Prawiedniki, PolandArchitecture: In the frontyard, a isdriveway made of decorative concrete pavement with a pedestrian crossing, which was separated by a row of planted hydrangeas. On the main terrace, a large wooden table with benches has been designed, where Investors will be able …

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Меню Start Portfolio About Team Contact Area: 1600 sq mYear: 2021Location: Warsaw, Poland The simple and geometric composition of the garden design refers to the modern architecture of the building. Plant cover is naturalistic. Along the entrance to the building, plantings separate the driveway from the rest of the garden and protect it from the strangers. Next to …

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