Area: 2400 sq m
Year: 2021
Location: Oslo, Norway
Project home: SVINGEN
*The project was created in cooperation with

The garden design is based on a geometric layout that refers to the modern architecture of the building. The entrance to the property is made of poured concrete, with stairs leading to the house. Along the pedestrian walkway there is a decorative water element. In the central part of the planned area, a large, recreational lawn has been designed, which will allow for passive and active spending of time with family and friends. The project also included a swimming pool and a relaxation zone on the back of the plot with a fireplace and wooden benches. On this side of the garden, there is also a place for a shallow water reservoir, which definitely adds character and improves the microclimate. Green roofs, increasing the biologically active surface, were also a very important element of the project. Covering plantings have been designed along the property.