Area: 1600 sq m
Year: 2021
Location: Warsaw, Poland

The simple and geometric composition of the garden design refers to the modern architecture of the building. Plant cover is naturalistic. Along the entrance to the building, plantings separate the driveway from the rest of the garden and protect it from the strangers. Next to the living room and kitchen there is a large wooden terrace. Investors wanted a water reservoir with a cascade near the day zone of the house, which would provide a relaxing sound of water. There are also concrete, „levitating” steps, which lead to a jacuzzi on a wooden platform. This zone is shielded from the side of the neighboring plot with concrete walls, which are also the background for decorative flower beds. Another zone is the recreation area. There is a place for outdoor gym and shower. Behind the building there is a vegetable garden and fruit trees. At the end of the driveway, near the garage, car and bicycles will be washed, so we proposed there water permeable, eco-cube surface.