Garden Design

R O M A N I U K    S T U D I O

Project: Cabrils Hillside Home, Private Residence, Spain
Client: Private
Year: 2022


Set in the Mediterranean hillside just north of Barcelona, the private family home in Cabrils exudes an honesty in its design language. We have worked to remove clutter and excess elements within its structure to give it a light and airy expression, blurring the lines between inside and outdoors, while creating a natural and comfortable flow through the space.


Project name: Urban garden with soft lines
Area: 250m²
Year: 2023
Location: Warsaw, Poland

The garden design was created in response to the need of customers to have a green, intimate space where they can relax drinking coffee on the terrace by the swimming pool or arrange a meeting at the table in the gazebo.
The priority was to increase intimacy — this was achieved through the use of hedges and rows of trimmed trees and concrete walls, which are also the background for the composition of plants. In addition, key views have been shaded by trees
The naturalistic plant cover has been enriched with contrasting elements reminiscent of an elegant garden: flamethorn bushes trimmed in rounded forms and rows of formed beeches, which shield the interior of the garden from the outside view.