Garden Design

R O M A N I U K    S T U D I O

Project: Cabrils Hillside Home, Private Residence, Spain
Client: Private
Year: 2022


Set in the Mediterranean hillside just north of Barcelona, the private family home in Cabrils exudes an honesty in its design language. We have worked to remove clutter and excess elements within its structure to give it a light and airy expression, blurring the lines between inside and outdoors, while creating a natural and comfortable flow through the space.


Project name: The Forest Mists Garden
Area: 1900 m²
Year: 2023 Location: Gdańsk, Poland
Architecture: Oliwer Rasztawicki Architekci

“The Forest Mists Garden” is the garden set over a marsh right next to the forest. This extraordinary landscape was an inspiration to create a biodiverse space immersed in the nature, open to vast views.

The name of the project is not accidental. The proximity of wetlands means that in the mornings and evenings, the garden and the areas surrounding it are shrouded in thick fog hovering over the meadows and dancing between dozen-year-old pines.

The garden has been divided into several zones, and the space for relaxation is inscribed in nature. An important task was to emphasize the view of the wetlands from the terrace. The form of plantings is to imitate the natural systems found in the nature. Decorative plantings right next to the house gently turn into free structures made of valuable native vegetation, characteristic of this type of habitat.