Garden Design

R O M A N I U K    S T U D I O

Project: Cabrils Hillside Home, Private Residence, Spain
Client: Private
Year: 2022


Set in the Mediterranean hillside just north of Barcelona, the private family home in Cabrils exudes an honesty in its design language. We have worked to remove clutter and excess elements within its structure to give it a light and airy expression, blurring the lines between inside and outdoors, while creating a natural and comfortable flow through the space.


Project name: The Willow Garden
Area: 15 000 
Year: 2022
Location: Warka, Poland

The Willow Garden was inspired by the natural landscape of river valleys and meadows by the rivers.
The house is located on a plot away from the road. A long driveway leads to it. We used this space to create a park space there with huge trees. This makes the house hidden, which provides the owners with maximum privacy.
The swimming pool area has been moved away from the terrace and placed near the escarpment to provide an extraordinary view while relaxing on the sun loungers. We used the natural difference of the terrain here.
The place for the hearth was inscribed in the escarpment. The short wall is also a structural element protecting against sliding. It also serves as a seating area.
The gazebo had to fulfill several functions, which is why it was divided into zones — the sauna and gym zone an the gazebo zone with a huge table and hearth.The sauna and gym zone with a bathroom was placed right next to the path to the swimming pool.
The entire garden layout abounds in many beautiful ornamental grasses and large trees in a minimalist, naturalistic form. The lack of blooming perennials and plants with expressive colors is no accident here.